Multiple Myeloma Immunotherapy Option Overview

CAR T Cell Therapy Overview

CAR T cell therapy is a type of cancer immunotherapy that can find and fight cancer.

How CAR T cell therapy works

  • CAR T cell therapy is created by modifying T cells with new receptors on the surface of the cells
  • This receptor is called a chimeric antigen receptor, or CAR
  • The T cell with the CAR added helps find and fight specific targeted cells, which include cancer cells and healthy cells


CAR T cell therapy may be considered after other treatments

Common treatments for blood cancer:


Targets and kills cells (both healthy and those with cancer) that divide rapidly.


Damages the DNA of cells in the area targeted.

Stem cell or bone marrow transplant

Replaces unhealthy stem cells in the bone marrow.

CAR T cell therapy is a multistep process. These steps may include:

  • Blood is collected from the patient and T cells are removed. This process may be called apheresis or leukapheresis
  • The collected T cells are sent to a facility where CARs are added. This is when the cells become CAR T cells
  • The patient is prepared for CAR T cell therapy with low-dose chemotherapy
  • The CAR T cells are put back into the patient’s body by infusion
  • After the infusion, the patient is closely monitored for possible side effects
  • The patient will meet with his or her healthcare team for continued follow-up

Resources to Learn More about CAR T Cell Therapy

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